Expertise and knowledge

The MTInov platform’s areas of expertise cover both clinical grade production of cell- and tissue-based drugs and the development of suspension or adherent culture processes in bioreactors.

This ensures continuity between pre-clinical development, scale-up and transfer to clinical grade to optimise production performance.

The different areas of expertise are listed below:

  • Clinical grade production of cell therapy products in compliance with Good Tissue and Cell Practices (GTCP), clinical grade production of Advanced Therapy Medicines (ITM-PP and investigational ITMs, in the context of clinical trials) in compliance with Good Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
  • Quality control of cell-based products, including functional products.
  • Process development for the production of investigational ITDs.
  • Process engineering for human and animal cell culture in bioreactors.
  • On-line monitoring and control of bioreactor cultures.
  • Kinetic modelling, bioreactor scale-up.
  • Numerical simulation of flows in cell culture bioreactors and bioreactor design.
  • Multi-scale modelling of interactions between MSCs and their culture medium.