Communications at conferences, seminars and meetings

As a Biotherapy-Bioproduction Integrator, MTInov communicates on the positioning of the platform in the fabric of cell therapy and bioproduction in France. As an academic entity, it is also committed to communicating nationally and internationally on the results produced in its research activities.


French bioproduction tour – Stage 4 in the Grand Est

08/04/21, dematerialized
Céline Loubière

For this fourth stage of the French Bioproduction tour, under the organisation of BioValley France, MTInov had the opportunity to present its positioning in biotherapies and bioproduction, with its know-how, its equipment and its mission as an industrial integrator.

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6th Bioproduction congress

30/09/21 – 01/10/21, Lyon
Eric Olmos

On the occasion of the 6th Bioproduction congress, Eric Olmos had the opportunity to present the work of his team and some key challenges and perspectives in bioproduction:

Engineering large-scale production of human cells: some key challenges.

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Afterwork BioValley France: local biotechs

18/11/21, Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy
Eric Olmos, Céline Loubière

Through this overview of biotechnologies in Lorraine, MTInov presented its activities and mission and was available to meet and exchange on potential new local synergies.

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